year of the GIP

Yesterday we went to a place just outside Birmingham, Alabama called Gip’s Place. It’s one of the few surviving ‘real deal’ juke joints, and seemed to be a meeting point of the sensuous with the spiritual. Don’t tell anybody!

On the way, we went through the purple zone. No one was there. We saw not one person in this place called Valley Head, Alabama.

Wonder if this could have any significance?

See all the cars and people?
Cute little train depot. It’s for sale.
Only Sirius callers.

I said we didn’t see any people, however, we did see these Sirius critters.

I think the little guy is in charge.

Next stop, Ft. Payne, Alabama. Lot’s of people! And we ate lunch in a building that used to be an old mill. Lovely.

The building where we ate lunch is a shared spaced with a large vintage/antique shop. Walking around the shop was the first clue that Ft. Payne, much to my surprise, has occult and esoteric undertones. There are lots of symbols everywhere about Freemasonry and the Eastern Star. Given the complicated history of the various cultures that inhabited the land, there was no shortage of Native American symbols and literature, blues and negro spiritual that perhaps was born closer to the Mississippi, yet was heard through the mountains and became its own song, and the weaving of all of these into one, is what you see in this little town of Ft. Payne, Alabama.

Humorous sign or something more profound?
M found the Tardis.
Hi! Right back at you, from the mirror universe!

Zeus the cat made an appearance! He is actually a famous cat of the town and has his own Hollywood star!

Pete the Cat illustrator, James Dean
This is what we do in the South at our theaters. 😉
What an interesting mix of messages. This was on the door of the theatre.

Recently, I was thinking about the ‘laws’ of dietary restriction and this one in particular is interesting.

Jacob wrestles with an Angel by Eugene Delecroix

A wrestling match! It’s the Mane Event! Hear me ROAR! (and then…. Yep, that seems to be the event that we call reality. Recently, Frank at Merovee has been wrestling with sinus issues. M tells me he gets ‘attacked’ and it feels like something is crushing his head. I wish we could better understand what is happening. The link above says it isn’t kosher to eat the sciatic nerve from an animal because it is symbolic and if you do, you might remember.

Close to the DeKalb theatre is a park with an official marker of the government.

The plaque reads “The mission was established in 1823 by the American Board of Missions to further education and Christianity among the Cherokee Indians. Mission operated until the Indian removal in 1838.”

Then we went to Collinsville, Alabama. 😁 We were on this highway


When I see 925 I think of SILVER and the moon shine! There is a lot of silver that has 925 stamped on it because it is 92.5% silver and the rest an alloy. Perhaps to make it harder? IDK. Anyway, on the moon highway I saw the earth.

The Shriners. See? Lot’s of symbolism. Just riding along and see this earth thing on the side of the road. I had to get out take pictures. “The man with the red fez is on top of the world”. The Shriners are known for their charity work for disabled children. And for being clowns in parades (a-hem).

Fez. make sure you Clicky on couch!

Meaning “lie hidden” is from 1580s. From 1520s as “to put into words;” hence “include the meaning of a word or statement, express in an obscure or veiled way, imply without distinctly saying” (1560s). Related: Couched; couching.

Something hidden…I was thinkin’

We ride so children can walk…

The type of couch so called (1806) because one reclined on it, which was associated with Eastern customs (see couch).

Ok, bear with me.

The element AIR is associated with thought. And in the world, there is the thought that you have to work for something. But strange things are afoot at the CircleK. When crop circles appear and there is clear evidence that a group of rascals with their super-quiet equipment and extreme know-how were not the culprit. The question is…how and what did that?

When places pop up over night, or a case of the lights are on but nobody’s home. A town that is maintained in a nice, tidy manner WITH NO PEOPLE. So, how did that happen?

You know what people don’t like to see? AIR things and FREE things.

Look at what happened to smokers. Something about radical hairstyles bothers people, as hair is sexual and is symbolic of freedom. Hair, smoking, and breastfeeding cause a traffic jam in the mind about freedom and sexuality.

Cade posted some gifs at the LoL of kinetic sculptures. I freakin love these things.

When we drove through Illinois and InDiana, in the HEARTland, we saw windmill farms. Something about them are so strange looking. It looks alien.

The kinetic scupture is a beautiful form, shown because of the wind. Our mind works it out that a sculptor fashioned the art with metal in a way to turn in a beautiful, hypnotic motion. And it triggers something, doesn’t it?

I saw this sculpture, but this isn’t quite how it is really, is it?

Things in the air are FREE.

There’s so many things on AIRplanes happening because the mind is trying to figure out how to break free and it looks like you’re not going to get a lot of emotional support.

Not to beat a dead horse, but government (control of the mind) will create a reason for itself, when it is too obvious there is no reason.

“We ride so children can walk.” – Right.

Anyway, the SHOCK and AWE, or SHEkinah is at work.

I think everybody is feeling it, it being the energetic wtf happening. There is a total solar eclipse happening on July 2, 2019. It will be visible in parts of South America and the South Pacific.

Speaking of the Sun and the Moon, also coming up is the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing. Yay! Apollo landed on his sister. Definitely something to celebrate 😍

I love you way more than to the Moon and back.

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